Vitamin and Mineral Premixes

A. Non-China Vitamin and Mineral Premixes:

This is a very sensitive yet a unique situation given the dominance of Chinese manufacturers in this sector. Whether you are in conventional pet food business, raw/dry/dehydrated pet food business or pet treats and supplements business, vitamins and minerals or their premixes are an integral part of the formulas.

  • Given almost 90% of vitamin C is manufactured by Chinese companies and probably three fourths of a majority of other vitamins also coming from China, you can generally visualize how dire the situation in this sector is even under normal circumstances. With the melamine related pet food recall more than a decade ago and ever suspect quality of Chinese manufacturing, current trade war with China has complicated the situation for the worse.
  • With so few pet food and premix suppliers capable of meeting the non-China use of premixes, particularly when it comes to vitamins, our business partners are probably the only ones willing and capable to supply such vitamins and mineral premixes to small and medium size pet food businesses. Whether you want to create a unique vitamin premix, mineral premix or the premix of the two combined, we can customize it to meet your specific needs and circumstances.
  • We can either blend it based on the formula you provide with minor adjustments (due to the specific activity level of a given ingredient) or create a custom formula for your specific needs. Additionally, we can provide no or minimal cost samples (up to 5 or 10 lbs depending on the nature of the premix) for you to have them tested either for manufacturing or analytical purposes.
B. Conventional Vitamin and Mineral Premixes:

While having non-China vitamins and minerals (as well as other food components) is great, it also comes with a price. And that may not always be a welcome one. Given the varying needs of the pet food industry, we are equally pleased to provide the services related to products that are more conventional in nature yet do not compromise the quality. We just need to hear from you and find your specific requirements such that a custom formulation is created that you can feel assured about.

C. Natural Vitamin and Mineral Premixes:

It is common in the pet food industry to provide extra nutrients than actually necessary for the well-being of the pets. This applies basically to all the nutrients. For instance, a single pet food intended for all life stages may often contain >45% protein and >35% fat on dry weight basis. That is quite a bit and money not well spent. Similarly, there is over fortification of vitamins and minerals. While this provides a cushion to make sure all the nutrients are adequate, it also creates a situation when synthetic vitamins and minerals are just added without properly looking into the possibility of balancing the diet with the main food components themselves and utilizing the natural and alternative ingredients/sources that could have served better. We are uniquely positioned to help you benefit from such natural sources or ingredient choices. Our goal is not to supplement at all or only that which is absolutely needed and has no other alternative.