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Principal Pet Nutritionist - Dr. Ramesh Khanal

Our Principal Pet Nutritionist Dr. Ramesh C. Khanal had found his keen interest in animal science when he was doing his associate degree in agricultural sciences and later received his Ph.D. degree in Animal Nutrition from Utah State University in early 2004. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in animal science with emphasis on animal nutrition from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, in 1991, he obtained his Master's degree, also in Animal Nutrition, from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in 1996. He obtained his Diplomate certification in Animal Nutrition from the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists in 2006. Since graduating with a degree in animal science, he has been extensively involved in animal and nutritional research, product development, ration formulation, technical support, QA, customer service, and for almost 30 years. Currently, he lives in Lancaster, PA with his family.

After moving to the United States in 2001 for his doctoral degrees, Dr. Khanal built a highly successful career in animal and nutritional sciences wherever he went. Initially, he was extensively involved in nutritional and health research and published almost 4 dozen peer reviewed original research and review articles in high impact journals that have garnered almost 2,000 total citations and an h-Index of 24 despite leaving the academia almost a decade ago. Most of those publications and citation history can be found by visiting Google Scholar, https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C39&q=rc+khanal&btnG=

Dr. Khanal is a highly accomplished pet nutritionist that has developed formulas not only of pet foods, treats, and mineral and vitamin premixes, but also a wide variety of other species of commercial livestock, laboratory animals, non-human primates, as well as zoo animals, aquatic species, birds and reptiles. While at Envigo, he developed close to a thousand laboratory research diets for various purposes, primarily related to improving human health, while also providing technical support to sales team and marketing initiatives. Dr Khanal can be instrumental in assisting your development department to help bring in new customers and assist your company in formulating some of the most exciting new products. His specialty in addition to creating new products is to revamp existing lines of pet treats and supplements and to resolve issues related to quality, texture, and appearance of products. Such formulations are related to both mass production as well as niche market and high end products. Many pet foods, treats, and supplement formulas that he helped launch are found in major pet food retailers, including Walmart, PetSmart, Chewy, PetValue, etc. among others, while also being exported to Europe, Asia, and South America.

Dr. Khanal has a thorough knowledge of nutrient requirements of basically all species of livestock, pets, laboratory research animals, as well as many other animals. He also has an extensive knowledge about the availability and characteristics of individual ingredients as well as their alternatives, nutrient profiles and their characteristics, market situation, new trends etc. as well as AAFCO nutritional, ingredient, and labeling guidelines, among others. Such a vast knowledge and experience can be utilized directly for your benefit in whichever way you deem necessary.

You can just say a hello to Dr. Khanal by calling him at 501-626-2863 or dropping an email Ramesh.khanal@science4pets.com

Dr. Nar Kaji Gurung (PhD, PAS, Dipl. ACAN)

Dr. Nar Kaji Gurung completed his Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences from Punjab Agricultural University, Punjab, India; Master of Science in Animal Nutrition from University of Melbourne, Australia and his PhD in Animal Nutrition from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA.

He is an Associate Professor of Animal Sciences and Director of Caprine Research and Education Unit at Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment, and Nutrition Sciences where he teaches Small and Large Ruminant Production, Applied Animal and Companion Animal Nutrition, and Nutritional Toxicology to both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Gurung is a member of the American Society of Animal Science since 1993, and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) since 2005. He is also a Diplomate of the American College of Animal Sciences in Animal Nutrition Division since 2011. He is also serving as an Affiliate Professor of Animal Sciences at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama since 2014. He is a former Hubert Humphrey Fellow at University of California at Davis California in 1992.

Consulting Pet Nutritionist Dr. Ish Acharya

Dr. Acharya obtained his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from South Dakota State University in 2016. Originally from Nepal, he obtained his undergraduate degree from the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, while obtaining a master's degree, also in animal science, from the same university. He joined Nepal Agricultural Research Council as an animal scientist and focused his research on animal feed quality for several years before coming to the United States for pursuing his graduate studies, a second master's degree as well as doctoral degree, which he completed under the direction of Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dr. David J. Schingoethe.

He won the prestigious Dairy Farmers of America Cares Scholarship in 2016. As a graduate student, he was also awarded with several other student research awards, such as 2014 Ceres Trust Graduate Student Research Competition Fund ($10,000), first place in SDSU Sigma Xi Ph.D. Research Proposal Competition (2013), second place in SDSU Sigma Xi M.S. Research Proposal Competition (2012), as well as several others before joining SDSU. Currently, he is the director of research and product development at a renown dairy feed company in the mid-west.

Jerry Bruch
Managing Director

Jerry Bruch is an accomplished products specialist with an extensive track record of success in process improvements that exceed standards while maximizing productivity. His extensive experience in developing, producing and distributing products nationally has been quite rewarding and unique. Jerry has spent over 30 years manufacturing products in Asia and the USA. Areas of distribution include all channels of retail including warehouse clubs, discount chains and dollar stores chains. He has produced and distributed many different pet foods, treats, and supplements and supplied them to companies such as Costco, TJ Maxx and many other retail distributors in North America. Contact Jerry via email jerryb@science4pets.com

Mr. Bruch is a recognized licensing expert and has procured many licenses including:
  • Pepsi-Cola, Hershey Foods Corp, Underdog cartoons by Dream Works, Nascar Racing, Anheuser Busch, AC Delco, Pennzoil, NFL properties, Iron Chef