Risk / Reward

Risk / Rewards

Our pets nowadays are our own extension and family members. As a result, it is imperative that the pet food, treats, or supplements we buy are indeed of the highest quality. That means not only the main components, but also every single one that is part of the food or treat. As a result, modern pet owners most likely pay much closer attention to their pet foods than their own. For instance, we don't check too much about the bread or cereal or steak we buy from the grocery store, but we look at all the nutritional profile or ingredient list of every single pet food or supplement we buy. Moreover, the nutritional profile or ingredient list itself can simply be misleading too. It is not only the ingredient list or nutrient profile pet parents check, but also what the label in general says or what the country of origin is, what type of manufacturing practices are employed and what certifications it is claiming.

As a result, traceability is critical and not everyone has that capacity. All of our resource companies meet that highly stringent quality standard and you as our customer are free to audit, request relevant documents, and verify them. This not only minimizes the huge risks associated with any potential and costly recalls, but also rewards you by saving time and resources needed for technical expertise which otherwise would be required to have at your own disposal. Just like you the customer not having a Ph.D. level pet nutritionist on your staff, our resource companies may also not have that at their disposal. Even if they do, they most likely don't have a separate sales team to reach out to customers like you.

As a result, they can't increase their revenue ,while you can't get the highest quality product at a highly competitive price. Our own experience tells us that even many of the pet food companies with half a billion dollar yearly revenue do not have a single pet nutritionist on their staff. This greatly increases the situation where costly recalls are not a matter of if, but when. We here at SFP Group minimize that risk to you both, while also rewarding your confidence on us by saving the time and precious financial resources.

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