Our Specialty


Given the extreme complexity and so many uncertainties of the pet food business about the nutrients, ingredients, quality control, country of origin and manufacturing practices, we here at ...... work essentially as your GPS guiding you through every turn and traffic system. Right from designing a complex formula to creating its label, for instance, needs profound knowledge about the ingredients as well as right alternatives, their detailed nutrient profile, country of origin, GMO status, appropriate soft ware as well as AAFCO and other regulatory guidelines about a specific ingredient or the complete pet food/treats.

Although this can be achieved by having a highly accomplished pet nutritionist on staff, it usually involves a considerable financial issue, particularly for small and medium size pet food companies, given his/her salary and benefits would easily run between $100-200 k per year. Instead, you can utilize our expertise, aka GPS, to get where you want. Further, you can utilize our services basically at no cost since we get paid by the resource by bringing customers like you and who the resource companies otherwise wouldn't be able to find on their own. At the same time, we minimize their need for providing all the technical expertise by having a similarly competent pet nutritionist on staff.