Welcome to THE SFP GROUP

Helping small and medium size pet food companies in formulating, designing, and launching the most natural pet foods, specialty treats, supplements and sourcing of mineral and vitamin premixes of non-China origin at the lowest cost possible.

Pet Foods, Treats, and Supplements

Whether our business partners are planning to launch a new line of pet foods, treats, supplements, and other products or whether their existing product line needs revision, we are here to help our partners succeed.

How We Work

The Bridge

The GPS Model

Because of the GPS model we have invented, we work something like a bridge between point A (the resource company) and point B (you the client) without the need to own the GPS by either parties.

Just like the GPS finding alternative time saving routes, we work with several resource companies to match your needs with the most competitive price you can find anywhere in the market. Just like GPS saving our time while going to an unknown place, our model saves your precious time and resources while trying to launch a new pet product into the market or be competitive about it all the time.

Consulting services on pet food and nutrition

Services Offered

Custom non-China, non-GMO vitamin and mineral premixes
All natural non-China, non-GMO vitamin and mineral premixes
Least cost conventional custom vitamin and mineral premixes
Formulation of new or updated pet foods, treats, and supplements
Absolutely natural veggie, fruit, and herbal pet health products
Formulation and designing of CBD products